Piano ceramic pot cover 16 cm


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Ceramic potholder with a classic shape.

The ceramic casing will not only fulfill its obvious practical function – it is also a design element of any place. It is a perfect addition to any arrangement in any place. The casing will help prevent the plant from overflowing and leaving marks on the floor or windowsill.

Ceramic pots and covers for flowers are characterized by high durability and resistance to high temperatures. When choosing a casing, let’s be guided not only by aesthetic qualities but also by functionality. It is very important to match the type and size of the pot with the plant to enjoy the healthy appearance of our green friend.

The dimensions given are external dimensions.

Product colors may vary. This depends on the settings of the device on which the photo is displayed and the way it is painted. Individual pieces may vary in dimensions (+/- 5%).

The plant is a decorative element and is not for sale.

Weight 1,4 kg
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 15 cm
Frost resistance







shades of white

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